Here at San Francisco K9 we feed raw to all of our dogs
Raw feeding is balance over time, not the traditional concept of feeding everything in one meal, that kibble companies have trained us to believe over the past years. Below we have a basic outline of a meal plan however if you would like a customized meal plan for your puppy/dog feel you can contact us through the site requesting a meal plan. We offer the custom meal plans for a $75 donation to Bay Area Bullies Rescue to help with the bullies. I get a lot of inquires on where I source my meat as well as the quality I require. I will only feel local, hormone/antibiotic free, and humanely treated meat. My favorite distributor has been Silicon Valley Raw Food; they are incredibly helpful, knowledgeable and offer the best products. P.s. If you mention SF-K9 when you make a purchase they will throw in some free chews for your pup!
Dogs typically eat 2% of their body weight, but puppies eat 5-10% until 6-8 months old.

 A good guideline for proportions is:
-50% muscle meat(ground beef/chicken/pork/duck, trim, heart,gizzards,tripe,fish)
-30% raw meaty bones(necks/backs/carcass/wings/legs/feet/ribs)
-10% offal(kidney,spleen, heart,liver) meat with 5% always being liver
-10% other (eggs,kefir,cottage cheese, goats milk, yogurt, fish, green tripe, veggies/fruit)
These things do vary based on type, condition, metabolism and health of the dog/cat, but it's a great place to start.


Reading up on Raw!

Dr. Pitcairn's Guide to Raw Feeding is a great book.
Lew Olsen's Raw and Natural Nutrition for Dogs, as well. 
For weaning/raising puppies and to help guide you with puppy diets, this is a really great article:


What Silicon Valley Raw Food Offers
-Pre-made meals
-Whole Body/Immune System Supplement from Standard Process
-Goat's milk
-Chicken/turkey necks/wings/backs
-Organ meat blend
-Ground/whole sardines
-Kelp, Immune Blend, Senior Blend, Puppies etc.


Sample meal:
1 lb. Ground beef pet food blend(grass fed beef with 50% muscle meat/40%fat/10%liver,kidney,spleen)
2 eggs
1 tsp. Immune Boost Blend (4-6xs/week)
1 oz. veggie mix( if applicable)
1 sardine(ground or whole)
1-3 pieces/.5-1 lb of raw meaty bones (necks,wings,backs, etc)
2 oz. cottage cheese/kefir/raw milk/whey/yogurt
1-3 pieces of chicken/duck feet
1 tbls coconut oil/flxseed oil/hempseed oil/chia seed
The above muscle meat can be replaced with green tripe, heart, chicken breast, ground turkey/duck, boneless pork shoulder/butt/hams, ground lamb, etc. I would rotate proteins as often as possible.

Silicon Valley's RAWZZI pre-made meals include all ingredients listed above to make getting started very easy. Their meals come in 32 oz and 13 oz. I would recommend rotating this with some meaty bones or bones. Chicken necks and feet would be a perfect size to start out with and small dogs. They sell them in 5 lb. bags and by the case. I also recommend buying some 1lb rolls of their green tripe. It is listed on the website as Tripe/Trachea 1. These are a great welcome for dogs to raw feeding, and because it's kind of stinky, the 1 lb. rolls are easy to feed. We also highly recommend the tripe stuffed hooves for chews to keep your companion busy.

They are open all month long for a pick up in Gilroy or delivery to Fremont, Delhi, Bakersfield or SF the 2nd or 3rd Saturday of the month.