When we aren't working with client dogs or with dogs in the rescue, we spend our time with our pack. Training, hiking, going to sport events (lure coursing, Splash Dogs, Barn Hunt etc), swimming and of course just snuggling in bed. Our dogs are a HUGE part of our training program because they provide us with a balanced multi breed pack with a handful of personalities.

Diesel is a doberman/lab/pit bull cross. Sara rescued him years ago when he was going to be put to sleep. He loves to play ball and is always up for an adventure, but his favorite thing is to snuggle in the pillows either on the couch or bed. Fun Fact : Diesel has always preferred sitting on chairs.

Josie Barker is an american pit bull terrier that has quite the story. Her mom was 11 years old, on her 9th litter and dropped off to be euthanized with her 5 one week puppies. The breeder was "over it" and fortunately the vet tech who spoke to him called a local rescue and took the puppies. The puppies got mange, parvo and had a few health issues plus a mom who didn't want to be around them. 4 survived and did well, and little Josie was adopted at 10 weeks to a family. At 6 months of age she came back to that rescue with severe mange. She had chewed/scratched herself raw and was barely able to move. Sara adopted her immediately and started her on a new diet and plan to get better. Now she is a spunky girl and everyone's friend! She loves Splash dogs like her little brother and she is a lure coursing nut! Fun Fact : Josie has been off leash since she was 10 months old and is one of the biggest assets to our rehabilitation program.

Porkchop is an American bully that was surrendered to Bay Area Bullies Rescue. The handsome lad was only 4 months and had major separation anxiety. He was able to work through that with a new introduction to the crate, consistency, and a change in exercise routine. Porkchop is a true ambassador of the breed, changing minds and giving us the chance to educate people on a daily basis. He is generally in chill mode but is obsessed with water. Fun Fact : Porkchop loves Splash Dogs and has the best recorded jump for an American Bully, 20.04 feet.

Moose is currently the youngest bully of the pack. Jess rescued him from a backyard breeder in Los Angeles where he was riddled with ticks and a had belly full of worms. At just 5 weeks he began his training. Due to his early exposure Moose loves people, children and cats. Thanks to the pack Moose has been able to establish good relationships with dogs that he lacked when he was forced from his littermates at a premature age. Moose loves his snacks, cuddles and trips out with the pack. He hopes through his training to educate those about the breed and eventually become service dog. Fun Fact : His favorite toy ever is his giant stuffed Lambchop.