• Initial Consultation
    • Training begins with an Initial Consultation to evaluate your dogs training needs and to discuss any questions or concerns you may have regarding your overall training goals


  • Basic Obedience
    • Private sessions cover basic commands such as Sit, Down, Stand, Stay, Come, Loose Leash Walking and Heel. Dogs taking BO will learn our communication system as well as other cues and behaviors ranging from house management tools to tricks.


  • Behavior Rehabilitation 
    • Similar to our Board & Train program our Behavior Rehabilitation private sessions are geared towards different forms of reactive dogs. This program benefits dog/human aggressive dogs, fear based dogs, destructive dogs, separation anxiety cases and more. We assess the behavior to uncover the source of the problem in order to create a custom training plan based on the overall needs of your dog.



  • Basic Obedience
    • With our two week board and train, we start by building a relationship with your dog and figuring out what motivates them. We then begin to establish a clear communication system that will be used throughout your dogs training career. With our communication system in place we can lay the foundation for a solid, reliable sit, down, stand, stay, loose leash walk, leave it, heel, recall and focus. Crate training and house manners are included in this program.


  • Puppy Program (8 - 24 weeks)
    • This program focuses on socializing puppies and putting in essential fundamentals. We build motivation and engagement while teaching them our communication system. They are safely introduced to different environments, animals, noises, children and more. Each program is structured specifically on what you are planning to do with your dog in the future, a pet dog, service dog, or even a dog sport. We will start introducing basic positions like sit, down, and stand. House manners like potty training, crate training, and pack training are also included.


  • Advanced Obedience 
    • With our 3 week advanced board and train we start off leash work and begin to  proof exercises, bringing in new distractions and working in different scenarios. New commands are also introduced, such as “place”, down from a distance, and off leash recall.


  • Behavior Rehabilitation
    • Our behavior rehabilitation program is one of our most popular programs. We are happy to take any case, from reactivity, destructive dogs, dog and even human aggression. During their stay we assess what triggers the behavior as well as what motivates your dog. We build motivation through food and play and to install our communication system. We then use our recourses to create, safe, controlled settings and utilize a balanced pack of a variety of dogs to aid in your dog’s rehabilitation. 


  • Doggie Vacay
    • Basic overnight boarding that includes an individual walk, lunchtime snack (chew or stuffed kong) and a pack activity ranging from walks, hikes or park outings depending on your dog's sociability. 



Only offered in San Francisco and the East Bay